Ambulance Fabrication:

With over 15 years of experience in fabricating ambulances in Pakistan we provide a complete solution for your ambulance needs. We offer a wide range of fabrication services on different chassis like Toyota (Hi-Roof, Mid-Roof, Hiace etc), Hilux (4×4, 4×2), King Long, Panorama, FAW XPV, Suzuki Bolan etc. We also equip the vehicles with a range of equipment like stretcher, spine board, head immobilizer, first aid kits, burn kits, suction unit, patient monitor, AED etc according to the client’s requirements.


Mobile Clinics:

Since fabricating ambulances we have also ventured into Mobile Clinic fabrication. We have experience in making mobile clinics on 16ft to40ft chassis. All fabrications are custom made according to client’s requirements. With complete option of customizability inside and outside the vehicle we offer a full-fledged solution. We equip these clinics with everything required to transform these as mobile eye clinic, mobile gynaecology unit, mobile x-ray clinics, mobile dental units, mobile surgery units, general purpose mobile clinics etc.

Mobile Clinics

Disaster Rescue Vehicles:


Disaster rescue vehicles have been more and more in use since their introduction back in 2003. These vehicles are sturdy in design and fabrication with a lot of space to carry a wide range of rescue equipment.These vehicles have different variations depending on the size, material, compartments, booms, outriggers etc.We manufacture these vehicles complete with all required equipment and facilities.

Rescue Vehicles

Flood Rescue Vehicles:

Close to the disaster rescue vehicles in design these vehicles are made to withstand wet and flood related conditions. Capable of working in water the body and structure is rust proof. With multiple compartments and sections these vehicles carry all the required equipment for amphibious rescue. These vehicles also come in a variation of facilities following the client’s requirement.

Fire Vehicles:

A lot of accidents around us involve wide spread and uncontrollable fires which result in loss of life and property. One main reason is the failure to countermeasure such incidents, which most basically is a mobile vehicle that can reach the site in time to douse the flames with minimum damage. We offer the solution with our fire truck fabrication in multiple ranges. We manufacture this vehicle with a variety of specifications like different tank capacities, different foam tanks, Vehicle engine or independent engine driven pumps, different outlets etc. These vehicles also carry the required safety equipment for fire-fighting and rescue. We provide a complete solution from fabrication to equipping these vehicles.

Fire Vehicles


Digital Satellite News Gathering vehicles or simply DSNGs are a must for every televised site production. These vehicles contain a dish antenna on top and a complex digital system inside to record the footage and send it live to their station office. We have been manufacturing these vehicles for more than a decade now with complete customer satisfaction. We offer this fabrication on multiple vehicles like Toyota hiace, hilux, etc.


Custom Designs:

Apart from the standard specialized vehicles we offer complete services for clients’ customized designs for their needs. So far we have fabricated mobile homes, mobile caravans, food trolleys, food trucks and other such vehicles. We are open to looking at you designs or ideas and turning them into reality.

Custom Design